What are the contraindications or side effects of Café Verde?

   Once we have detailed the benefits of ingesting this food, it is time to analyze a no less important art, contraindications or side effects of green coffee...

   When a "fad" comes up that promises great improvements and benefits in some aspect (usually related to the fight against obesity), the first thing you should do is to consult a specialist (whether medical or nutritionalist, depending on the case), in order to inform yourself in depth about the risks that could derive from the intake of this food.

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   The consumption of green coffee has been analyzed in numerous clinical studies, where although the benefits obtained have varied slightly (in some studies the usefulness for weight loss is more evident, while in others the benefits are highlighted in other aspects such as cardiovascular health or the treatment of gallstones), it is no less true that the results have contrasted the practical nullity of side effects.

   In any case, one of the desired effects could be analyzed as a contraindication, such as the reduction in the absorption of sugars from carbohydrates. Although it may seem ironic, this reduction is not entirely healthy, because the body needs to acquire its daily calorie reserve, and a fundamental basis for it is provided by carbohydrates. To compensate for this carbohydrate deficiency, the intake of foods with unrefined carbohydrates can be increased.

   When we talk about foods that contain refined carbohydrates, we are referring to those that have a high glycemic index (GI), which in simple terms would be like measuring the sugar rush that will enter the bloodstream after absorption by the intestine.

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   Another contraindication that could be attributed to the consumption of this food is the amount of caffeine it contains, despite being somewhat less than the roasted grain. This, like the example above, can be both a benefit and a contraindication. We can focus it as a benefit when used to stimulate physical and intellectual activity, but it will be a contraindication in people with heart problems, people sensitive to caffeine, patients with kidney problems, pregnant women or children.

   In short, consult with your specialist doctor if you want to drink green coffee but are in one of the following cases:

Your specialist doctor will evaluate your case and will advise you if you should start drinking green coffee or if it is better to look for other natural supplements.

   Let's go on to analyse the different ways of consuming green coffee.

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